Sunday, July 17, 2011


  SKIN: Artemis Bronze make up number 3 (1499l) by Unique Megastore. Natural Eyes in Blue are Unique Megastore as well, sold seperately at the store

  GOWN: From its style I am sure you all guessed who created this fabulous gonw called J.e. (800l); Of course Mami Jewel by Azul. The J.e. in different colors  has been out at the New Arrivals Department and waiting for you, The exclusive customers of AZUL
P.S. You love the gown? then you should see its back!!! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

  JEWELRY: a unique set, the perfect harmony of gold and black diamonds called The Dagmar is by Artsitry, with the sign of Endra Graves who makes the most elegant and unique jewelry sets in sl. I know you all want this set but you think it costs a fortune. well you are right, but if you hurry now and tp yourself at her store, you are gonna have this fabulous set for 375l, coz there is a sale going on for a while and today it is the last day. Dont miss the opportunity to have Artistry's unique sets for such reasonable prices...
P.S. One important warning, when you tp to store you will see only one color from each set and want to let you all the items dont have color change option, so if you want another color other than the one shown on the vendor (Like I did)  you have to im Endra Graves to have the color you want. They are all sold seperately

   POSES:  Gowns and dress Static Poses  by AppleSpice,can bought as single poses (35l) or as a pack (250l), the choice is yours. Thank you Apple for enhancing our beauty with your unique Poses. Tp right now for Gowns Poses and more to Apple'S Paradise

   HEELS:  My sensual heels in noir called Sense II (695l) is by N-Core Sl's Number 1 Shoe Store. ANd I have a good news about Sense II, The Turquoise color the sense II is being sold as speical offer of the day which is only 295l...  Get your heels to make the final touch...

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