Tuesday, July 19, 2011


  hmmm those two words have no relation in reality but you will think that I am right to use these two words together when you take a look at the snapshots

NOW you agree with me right? what you see is something Mysteriously ELEGANT

  •   The elegant lady you see in the pics are called Artemis a Goddes that was born by the magical fingers of Unique Megastore designers. I am wearing Artemis make up number 8 sexy breast option which is 1499l and its shape 799l. ( they eyes are sold at the store as well) 

  • Yes, you are all curious about the designer of this fabulous gown called Quenna/Red (450l) which will  reflect the mystery in you and make you an elegant lady... The gown is by Entre Mares which makes the most unique gowns in sl. I am deeply impressed by the designs and the styles of the gowns. The detailsof the gown Quenna/red are so great and the dress is so unique that you have no other choice but to get this dress as soon as possible
  • Hair is the bridal Treasure Hunt Prize by Alli&Ali, I must say there are awesome hair styles that you shouldnt miss

  • JEWELRY SET is called Camelia is by Crystal Line such a gorgeous set with the most realistic look I have ever seen in sl, is included two more bracelets which I am not wearing in the snapshots, and it is price is 600l 

  • My gorgeous heels called Sense II (695l)  is by N-Core, second life's Number one Shoe store owned by Nuria Augapfel. You should visit the store immediately coz there are special prizes for certain shoes

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