Sunday, July 17, 2011


  I woke up the other day asking myself if the last night wa sa dream or not! If it was a dream, why I was wearing the same clothes I had worn the other night? and if it wasnt a dream why hadnt he ever tried to get my number!!!!
 Well I was sure of one thing; I loved that ""WHITE BEACH HOUSE" and I was gonna rent that lovely house. There was something in it and it seemed to me that it would be a great place for  a new begining...
  I phoned my friend who set this blind date and thats strange she didnt ask me anything about the details whic meant he didnt like me! I told her that I wanted to rent the beach house and after a hesitation she told me that
the onwer of the house was at the beach house, at the very moment..
 And I went to the house to rent the house from the owner as I promised...
the place was quiet and
still beautifulll


I am coming to an empty house
to rent it?
How nice!!



after the shock we laughed at each other
and I begin to enjoy the breakfast
he prepared for us

He is really making me laugh!!!

and wow still looking gorgeous
and I am scared coz he may hear the sounds of
my heartbeat

We talked about everything but the rent
He just gave me the keys and
dissapeared with this charming
smile on his face


   SKIN:  LAQ's newest release called Olivia who is a beauty, each skin line is 990l comes with 5 diffrent make up options. Enjoy your new look

   DRESS:  Such a lovely dress reminding me of a fresh spring morning called Lara in Turquoise (275l) is by Aradhana Voight, Mashooka Designs which is the address of the unique trends with the misture of ethnic and modern touches. The earrings and the ring I am wearing are belong to Mashooka Designs too. FAbulous arent they?

  HAIR: Hunt prize 21 at Alli&Ali, so fabulousssss 

 SHOES: Fabulous styles shoes with such a lovely style and realistic textures are 200l at Surf Couture , a great store with affordable prices

  HANDBAG: 5l at M.G.S. a funny store with goodies inside


    SKIN&SHAPE: Apolo by Unique Megastore

   OUTFIT: Men'S Boardshort&Tee (honeydew) is 155 at  Mashooka Designs, great things for men as well with low pricesss..

 HAIR: BY Exile, Free


 White Beach house is 999l by Bazar, on summer Sale

            well I have Great Newsss.... BAZAR is Opening TOMORROW in Second Life....Yes, finally we will be able to see all the fabulous items inworld too. The designer and the owner of Bazar, Ria Bazar has been working so hard to give us the best and she has made her final preparations. Great sale items, New stylish Furniture sets with great animations and Uniquely designed houses will be waiting for you...
   AND the Breakfast table with chairs you  see in the snapshots is the OPENING GIFT OF BAZAR!!!
 YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  We should celebrate this!!!!
                I will be there tomorrow will be shopping all day and this is how I am going to celebrate!!!!
                         And you want me to give you the lm???
               so YOU SHOULD WAIT TILL TOMORROW and I will add the landmark... 
                     Dont be mad!!! 
                     Love you All!!!

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