Thursday, July 14, 2011


While looking at the pictures you imagined, you were wearing this amazing gown, didnt you? 
Well I dont blame you coz AZUL, really created something out of this world and 
Yolanda in Sapphire came to this world from the magical fingers of Jewel Mami
You can have this amazing gown and its other colors at Azul'S New Arrivals Department

A gown without Elegant styled Jewelry can not be thought. AND Endra Graves, the owner and the brilliant minded designer of Artistry gives you what you need. Hope set in Sapphire Blue Diamond its normal price is 750 but there is a %25 of discount at the store so it is only 562l and it  is my favourite, though it is so hard to pick a favourite among all the amazing jewelry sets. So lets see if you can choose your favourite.
Coz I am telling you, it is a hard job...

  A Fabulous hair with a style by Truth HAir called Alison is 250l

and this Beauty who you already know is Pollon the lates group gft by Al Vulo
But I should warn you that the gift will have been changed in a very short time so you 'd better hurry to get 
ths beautiful skin for free. Dont forget to wear your 
Group Tag

The sensual poses I used in the snapshots are from the newest release by Purple Poses , they are all amazing and you can try their demos at the inworld store of Purple Poses by Audrey Guter

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