Monday, February 13, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: Milena Cream Preview skin and its gorgeous shape are members gift by MYNERVA

HAIR: Yvonne hair sale item by TAMELESS HAIR, single color packs 99L,megapack is 399L

JEWELLERY: Royal Rajput, the most fabulous set with the touch of modern and ethnic style, the complete set including unique peices are 2000L, but you can get the pieces seperately from 250L to 450L

GOWN: Serena gown is the symbol of Purity, balance, peace.. Seems like Aradhana found all of them in this fantastic gown. Serena Gown purity and fantasy are exclusive items for MASHOOKA DESIGNS for BACK TO event

NAILS: Past group gift by CANDY NAIL

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