Tuesday, February 7, 2012


SKIN: An exotic beauty, NEW by INAYA SKINS. Sastiana in tan  will bring you all the mystery and  the joy of a tropic island.

SHAPE: Olivia Model shape is 800L by ANNA SHAPES

HAIR: Lilia Mahogany is 250L by TRUTH HAIR

EYES: Turquoise eyes promo item by AZ DESIGN for 10L on marketplace

DRESS: Tube Mesh Dress in blue with Stragon belt is NEW by ::EM::

SHOES: Marilyn Platform Shoes are February gift by BAIASTICE by SISSY  PESSOA ( join the group to get the gift)

JEWELLERY SET:  Gleaming String is a gorgeous set by VR JEWELLERY as exclusive item for DESIGNER CIRCLE event for 99L

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