Saturday, February 25, 2012


SKIN: Miss Aquarius 2012 in natural tone medium cup is one of the gorgeous limited skins by

SHAPE: Pietra Model shape is 800L by ANNA SHAPES

HAIR: Keri in dark sandy blonde is150L by SIXTYNINE

GOWN: Stephanie mesh gown in lavender is gorgeous with heel and none heel options 625L, available in 5 colors by REBEL HOPE DESIGNS

JEWELLERY SET: I am wearing the recolored version of THE BLACK ORLOV SET 
by ARTISTRY by ~ E ~  If you just send Endra Grave a notecard with the color you want
she recolors for you with the same price.. Gifting options are available to if you contact Endra

EYES: Wearing Natural Mesh eyes Moss for 80L by IZZIE'S

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