Monday, February 13, 2012


SKIN: Such a fabulous skin by MYNERVA, for the Mynervans free with the new preview skin and its shape.. Fantastic!

SHAPE: Second gift for Mynerva group members Milena Shape is FREE with the skin and make up options for the exclusive group members of MYNERVA

HAIR: Lexi blonde pack is SALE ITEM by TAMELESS HAIR for 99L

EARRINGS: Earrings are pieces from Wisdom set last weeks 55L item by ADDICTION

NAILS: Last March's group gift by CANDY NAIL

TOP:  Ladies! Let me introduce you to the new masterpiece by MASHOOKA DESGINS!
Sri Sweater... With its classy unique style, it will give you the energy of Spring while waiting for it. Available in fantastic colors, Sri Sweaters are waiting for you at MASHOOKA DESGINS..
for the exclusive group members the electric color I am wearing is FREE.. The regular price for each
 color is 199L
 If you are not still a member, hurry up to join Mashooka Designs' magical world with full of surprises

SKIRT: Another fabulous mesh design from the magical fingers of Aradhana Voight, 
MASHOOKA DESIGNS, Chantal Skirt in Prussian is 245L

SHOES: Coquette Clear Blue is 295L by N-CORE

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