Friday, February 24, 2012


SKIN: Bomi teeth option is lucky board item for FREE by MOTHER GOOSE'S

SHAPE: Samy Model shape is 800L by ANNA SHAPES

HAIR: Lexi Hair blone pack is 99L, full pack is 399L by TAMELESS HAIR

DRESS:  If you are a vintage lover like me, Elsa Black Sequined dress reflecting the style of 60s is what you have been looking for! The dress is available in 6 different colors each for 300L at ~ IVALDE~

JEWELLERY SET: Such a rare and precious set called THE BLACK ORLOV SET full of GRACE for 1000L by  ARTISTRY by ~ E ~  
( th necklace is included in the set but I am not wearing it in the snapshots)

EYES: Natural Mesh eyes in grey is 80L by IZZIE'S

NAILS: Metallic Nails color set is NEW by IZZIE'S for 199L 

SHOES: Kapua Shoes in silver is gorgeous by REI2 FASHION for 199L

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