Monday, May 14, 2012


Even sl can be tiresome, we try to avoid the heaviness of the rl by logging in sl but it is sometimes unavoidable to feel the stress.. Especially if you are working...
I had never thought that having a winter garden with full of plants and herbs would bring me peace, till APHRODITE SHOP released GREENHOUSE&OUTDOOR pack , including  variety of plants from flowers to herbs with their fantastic posing animations will make you forget all about the stress of both rl and sl
It is amazing to see how it gives you peace to take care of  your winter garden and eat the strawberries that you are growing.
But Dont forget to water your plants...
Another good thing about the set is that you can put it outside or you can just rezz it to the wintergarden in your Sailor's House...
Happy Gardening!! :)

SKIN&SHAPE: Grace is a Goddess with her porcelain skin and gorgeous body shape.. Vanilla Tone of Grace with 6 make up options and modifiable body shape is 950L by [ HUSH ]

HAIR: Cole Red Hots Pack is 225L by SUGARSMACK

TOP: Top Clipped MOD/ OO1 Floral Rosa is from the new MESH COLLECTION of 

PANTS: Pants Jeans Mesh MOD/003 is 300L by [ AMARELO MANGA ]

BELT: Leather Buckle Mesh belt is NEW by IZZIE'S, 150L, also available on marketplace

SHOES: Fae Wedge Shoes are one of my favourite pieces from [PM] Pixel Mode. Now a fabulous colour is given as MAY GROUP GIFT, free for the subscribers... A big thanks to Tya Fallingbridge

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