Thursday, May 3, 2012


A love nest hidden behind the trees, surrounded by the  unique nature of grapevines,he aromatic smells of the orange tress and the peaceful atmosphere of
Sicily where you will find the romance and the energy that the nature has...
All and more are available in the new release of  @INSIDE , SICILY House. 
Fully furnished reflecting the Italian style, Sicily is waiting for you for a 48 hours of INTROPRICE which is only 99L
You can also buy this amazing house on MARKETPLACE or can see the demo before buying it
In either way, you are gonna love it

SKIN&SHAPE: Such an irressistable beauty from [ HUSH] called LILY, is the new line. I am wearing Lilly Sugar tone Ravish make up for 950L

HAIR: Black Tie Affair dark blonde is gorgeous by SHAG HAIR for 250L per colour pack

ACCESSORIES: Celtic Beauty Accessories 99 including bracelets, earrings and rings with colour change hud, is available as the DESIGNER CIRCLE exclusive item by VR JEWELLERY for 99L, The necklace version is also available at the store

DRESS: Such a wonderful dress, with a sexy style, shows me that a woman can look amazingly hot in casual dresses as well... Be my Tango Dress in red is NEW by [ AMERICAN BAZAAR ]

SANDALS:  My favourite piece from COCO DESIGN, 125L

POSES: A new fantastic pose pack has been released by PURPLE POSES called Lara.. 10 poses in the pack which can also be bought as singles.. Thank you Audrey :)) You are amazing

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