Sunday, May 27, 2012


I didnt know I could paint, till I saw the newest release of APHRODITE STORE “ SEPIA LOVERS” PAINTING ROOM SET , 750L...
When you first here you might say, what can be included except for a few painting animations but that actually is not true...
The Room has fantastic furniture pieces with fantastic an,mations both for the painters and couples...
Now I spend most of my time there , painting or hanging out with my writer boyfriend ... Amd  I find all the inspiration I need for my new masterpiece..
A big thanks to APHRODTE SHOP

SKIN&SHAPE: Daisy Blue in Sugar is SKIN ADDICTION SHOWCASE EVENT exclusive item 
by [ HUSH] SKINS.. She is totally gorgeous

EYES: PAle Mint+Gold eyes are past group gift by IKON

HAIR: Ode hair is a fantastic hair style by SHAG HAIR, 250L per colour pack

TOP: Boyfriend Tank in white is NEW by JANE, 140L

PANTS: Sweet N Low Jeans are NEW available in lovely colours by JANE, 200L

FOOTWEAR: Thong Sandals are 125L by COCO DESIGNS

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