Monday, May 21, 2012


 Too many snapshots HUH? 
Yeah all because I had no alternative to tell you how woderful is the Dream Kitchen...
The best way was to take the snapshots of the times we spent together with my boyfriend. 
If you really want to enjoy your time in your sl home and you want something real, then The Dream Kitchen is what you should have by APHRODITE SHOP, for 2500L

SKIN&SHAPE: Grace skin in vanilla Smokey Pink is 950L by [ hush ] SKINS

HAIR: Sweets/redvelvet is past group gift by EXILE

DRESS: Sweet Mesh dress in LAvenrder/tawny is 225L by MASHOOKA DESIGNS

SHOES: FAe Wedges in blue is FREE by [ PM ] Pixel Mode, as subscriber gift


Men's Summer Shirt Open in lime NEW @ MEN'S DEPARTMENT by MASHOOKA DESIGNS,

Men'S Jeans Spindrift by MASHOOKA DESIGNS, 145L

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