Wednesday, May 16, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: Amore skin in chestnut make up number 11 is 890L by MOJO SKINS, Sicily Model Shape is 490L by MOJO SKINS

HAIR: Jessica Chestnut pack is 150L by SIXTYNINE

SUNGLASSES: Oversized mesh sunglasses are NEW by IZZIE'S, 225L

FEET: Bare Feet by N-CORE also available on marketplace for 495L

POSES: Pin-up poses pack is fantastic and NEW by PURPLE POSES

SWIMWEAR: Caroline Black Pearl ::... Swimwear set  including the hat, the accessory is XCHANGE4DEAL item for 20L, by WERTINA 


The Xchange4DEAL is an attractive way for sellers in Second Life 
to offer their products and services to a large audience 
and generate high sales.
For a limited time the seller offers his discounted product at 
Xchange4DEAL and gives a minimum number that must be achieved 
to be able to avail of the discount.

The buyer benefits from the favourable prices.

If the minimum number is reached, Xchange4DEAL charges a commission of the total amount (Default DEAL)
or a one-time listing fee (Main DEAL).
The total amount minus the fee will be credited to the sellers account on Xchange4LS.
If the minimum number of sales is not reached, the DEAL will not take place. There will be a refund of the
paid Linden Dollars to the buyers. No fees will be charged to the seller. The proposed product will
not be delivered to the customer.

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