Tuesday, January 31, 2012


SKIN: Corinna love motion porcelain is NEW GROUP GIFT for AL VULO members
SHAPE: Nathali Model Shape 800L by ANNA SHAPES 
HAIR:  Andrea in auburn is 125L as gingers pack at TRUTH DISTRCIT
DRESS: Revees quantum mesh dress available iin three colors is soo elegant by coldLOGIC, opening day is soon
SHOES: Pisa shoes are soo sey and elegant 795L by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR
ACCESSORY SET: Sweet set including also ring and necklace ( not wearing them) is a gorgeous set with texture change options, 800L by CRYSTAL LINE

This is the most tender couple pose set for Valentine´s day!
It includes a beautiful red roses arch with two red hearts and red roses petals of only 5 prims. 
It comes with 6 different poses 
 "Happy Valentines day!" meeting together, both hinding a valentine gift for each other
 "Valentines kiss"
 "For the most beautiful rose", give her a beautiful sculpted bouquet of red roses
 "For you my heart". give him a valentine heart shaped box with a gift for valentines for him
 "I am so happy with you" lift her in the air and laugh together totally happy with each other
 "We are happy together" a pose also specially to say happy valentines day to everyone you both know
And also with two wearable props, a red roses bouquet and a dark red heart shaped gift bow with a golden ribbon (bow)
Will you be my Valentine? Valentines couple set/props is valentines day special item by 

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