Wednesday, January 11, 2012


SKIN: Nanthwan (I am wearing make up number 4 from Nanthwan sert 2)  is New by INAYA SKINS

SHAPE: Ludmilla model shape is 800L by ANNA SHAPES

ACCESSORY: Such a lovely set from ARTISTRY by ~ E ~ 's casual collection called Tyne for 375L, there is a huge sale at the store, you had better hurry up and get your jewellery sets before it ends

DRESS: Orchid dress is Dollarbie by VINLY COFFEE

HAIR: Melrose hair in brown sugar is hair voting present, free for ALLI&ALI customers

SHOES: Starstuck Heels are VIP Gift of  PURRFECT 10, for standard members, the heels are 99L

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