Saturday, January 7, 2012


SKIN: Nieve skin in light 3 is 700L by JESYLILO

SHAPE: Ludmilla Shape soo gorgeous just like the rest of the shapes at ANNA SHAPES, If you are looking for a shape but havent found it yet, you will find it at ANNA SHAPES

HAIR: Kim hair including three colors in the pack will be sold for 100L only available at ZOMBIEPOPCORN Brand  till the 20th of January by MINA HAIR

DRESS: Such a lovely dress in white isnt it? Epoch is 550L at SISS BOOM's magical world, dont hesitate the explore..A big thanks to  Lestat Reuven, the owner of SISS BOOM

PUMPS: These lovely Pumps I am wearing are the generos group gift of PURPLE MOON, available in group notices ( group fee is 50L)

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