Monday, January 23, 2012


     Sweet is one of my best friends in sl, actually she is my neighbour and a 
     great blogger. 
    Yesterday she knocked my door with a broken heart. The reason was her new boyfriend. She told me that she saw him with a girl the other day which made her sooo desperate and mostly angry...
     Well I tried to calm her down by saying that she could be a friend or a relative, and even it might be a delusion... But nothing help, not even my attempts to cheer her up, to jump on the bed, read her a story to distract her mind or offering her a cup of coffee...
She just sat on the bed, with the same expression on her face and kept her silence...
      In the end I was sooo tired that I feel asleep. When I woke up she was gone but she texted me that night thanking me and telling me that I was true, it was his relative...
A distant cousin!!!!! Hmmmmm
Did she really believe that? J  

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