Monday, December 26, 2011


SKINS&SHAPES: Female skin and shape called Suzu; Suzu in tan make up number 7 is 990L, The shape is 390L and the eyes with eyelashes are 100L. If you want to buy the bundle you can have it for 1990L
Comeplete avatar of David ncluding the skin, the shape, eyes, two hair options is 1450L at REDGRAVE HD SKINS, David is also available on marketplace as well

HAIR: is D!VA's recent group gift, don't forget to wear your tag

JEWELERY: Cherry Bracelet and earrings are part of Cherry Set; they are sold seperately; Bracelet is 400L and earrings are 150L by CRYSTAL LINE

GOWN&SUIT: These fabulous formal outfits are FREE for the group members of SHIKI, there is no group fee

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