Friday, December 9, 2011


SKIN: Melody in peach make up number 5 is 99L by NOT BUTTON'S SKINS as closing sale item. Dont forget to grab freebie skins

HAIR: Mood in black is 250L in essentials pack by ELIKATIRA

JEWELRY SET: Noor set in ruby is soo classy and available at Endra Grave's Store ARTISTRY by e, The good news about The Noor set is that The Ruby and emerald colors have %50 of sale which means you can have them for 375L... Yayyy! 
to gift this fabulous set to a special someone, just IM Endra Graves
PSSSST If you send Endra Graves a nc including your full name and your transaction history of the Noor Set, She is going to give you an extra gift... Double YAayyY!

DRESS: MAYA Passion, Such a gorgeous dress with the sexiest look is 300L by VASSNIA, also available on marketplace

SHOES: Milano shoes soo classy and sexy are 750L by SL's Number One Shoe Store SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR, also available on SIF's marketplace store

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