Friday, November 18, 2011


 SKIN&SHAPE: I am wearing SUZU in pale make up number 5 For 990L, the wonderful shape of Suzu is 390L, the skin lines are 1990L, The special eyes of Suzu w,th eyelashes are 100L by REDGRAVE

I am wearing Aradhana Voight's new masterpiece, Meena Lehenga , I am wearing daffodil and sparkle, each has a unique ethnic style and it is available in 6 colors; each for 675L by MASHOOKA DESGINS.
Demos are available both on marketplace and inworld store

Vij Shirmani Mesh in Dune (available in 4 colors for 599L) and Saajan Sherwani mesh (available in 4 colors for 599L) ,ethnic mesh outfits for men NEW by MASHOOKA DESGINS. Big thanks to Aradhana Voight for her amazing creations

JEWELERY: Royal Rajput in amber as a complete set is 2000L,The precious pieces of the set  can be bought seperately with the prices of 250L to 450L BY MASHOOKA DESIGNS

POSES: Fantastic poses, number 129 and 130 are 45L each, as the new releases of PURPLE POSES. The rest of the poses and more are waiting for you at PURPLE POSES' FANTASTIC POSING WORLD. Single poses are 10L, Couple poses are 45L and modelling packs are 90L

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