Tuesday, November 29, 2011


SKIN: Angelina (as gorgeous as real Angelina) is Lucky Board Item for free by SKINTIMATE. Who knows maybe its your lucky initial

HAIR: Isis Hair by Cinnamon is free by ALLI&ALI HAIR, available on marketplace

JEWELERY SET: Such a rare and  elegant style from real life and legends collection by ARTISTRY by E, this stunning set is Spoonmaker full of mysterious and it s like holding the key of remaining beautiful. you can have this set for 1000L

GOWN: Novice electric pink such a gorgeous gown with a classy style is special edition by SASCHA's DESGINS. When you get the gown for 650L, you are not actually buying one gown, you are buying 4 gowns in the same pack. it's fantastic, isnt it?? A big thanks to Sascha Frangilli for her fantastic designs. They are turning my head!

POSES: Single poses from PURPLE POSES, each one for 10L and there are new Props for Chrsitmas, you had better see them before you start enjoying Christmas, Audrey Guter has made the most fantastic props for Christmas..

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