Friday, August 10, 2012


I remember when i first began reading Twilight. A Vampire story.. Must be ridicilous.
But from the very moment Stephenie Meyer proved me wrong and it captured me. Since then I am a Twilight Fan.
  As a twilighter I loved the character Bella Swan, such an ordinary and a luckless teenager girl who is clumsy yet fearless enough to take all the risk fo her love.
I loved Edward not becuase I could imagine his lyrical beauty when I closed my eyes, but for his impossibly perfect character that make me fall in love with it. I couldnt help asking myself if such a man could exist.
And I loved Jacob for the fire bunt inside him and his endless obsession  and passion for Bella.
We all lived in the book and felt the characters and desired them,
that’s what Stephenie Meyer did to us . And that’s why Twilight is more than a vampire story.

And now Mendacia Treves doing the same thing to us. Giving us Twilighters a chance to live our  twilight dreams, make them come true in second life..
Twilight Dream is a Twilight sim open to everyone in sl, especially to twilighters, 
to hang out, to roleplay, to explore and maybe to find Bella, Edward or Jacob and more..
Just Free your imagination and enjoy your own Twilight Story...
The sim is open to public but we still have time to go for the Grand Opening, hopefully will be very soon, but Mendy, my dearest firend, the girl of perfection; Please stop making bubbles for the soaps...
We asTwilighters are looking forward to celebrate the great opening...
Big Hugs for all and see you very soon..




Port Angeles, the meadow  And more to come.. Please stay with us while we are trying our best to make *TWILIGHT DREAM* come true :)

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