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Sunday, August 28, 2011


There's a better place for you and me 
Universal love 
We dream of the world 
Let's keep up the faith 
There's a better place for you and me 
Universal love 

    SKIN: Heyla skin comes in different make up options is 250l at Not Button's Skins. The closing sale still going on, grab your skins as you can

   HAIR: Venus  is  by BishHair.. Bring more people to reduce the price of the hair

  GOWN:  Universal Love gown is Unique made by Paris Metro Fashion for its exclusive customers who have unique style, 1500L

  JEWELRY SET: The Harmony set special edition for Universal Love gown is by Endra Graves, ARTISTRY, 250L at Paris Metre Fashion

  POSES: Attitude pose pack is new by Apple Spice Store 250L whole pack, and the single poses are 35L

Saturday, August 27, 2011


  SKIN: Heyla in spice make up number 2 is closing sale item for 250L at NOT BUTTON'S SKINS

  HAIR: Tracy in Drak Midnight is 200L at CALICO INNGMAN 

   DRESS: with necklace is opening gift by FINESMITH


 BOOTS: Such sexy boots with an elegant style called COBRA BOOTS is SPECIAL OFFER  from SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR, these fabulous boots will be sold for 500L for the next Saturday. The sale will continue till the end of next Sunday.( August 3rd and 4th). They have eight choices of color from the menu, so its like getting eight boots for one price! Dont forget the the date, coz the regular price for the boots is 750L.Will be so hard to wait for the next Saturday, there are 7 days...

  The pose from Isis Boutique's Black Swan Pose pack, 60L


     SKIN:  Heyla Skin in spice make up number 3 is exclusive skin line for the closing sale for 250L at NOT BUTTON'S SKINS.. Dont forget to grab your gift skins for free and other sale skins for 99L

   ACCESSORY SET: My recent favourite accessory set DURBAN, newly released by AMARELO MANGA available for 500L

  HAIR: Green by MAITREYA is 295L as per color pack

  DRESS:  Such a lovely dress called ANGOLA is another piece from the NEW COLLECTION by AMARELO MANGA, AVAİLABLE FOR 500L

 HANDBAG: last weeks 55L item by FINESMITH

 HANDBAG POSES: By AppleSpice Store, 250l full pack, or you can buy your favourite poses among them for 35L

  STILETTO SHOES:  SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR proudly presents the new release BARLETTA STILETTO SHOES. If you are a group member you are lucky, coz the exclusive group members of SIF have the  opportunity to have these amazing stilettos for 500L till SUNDAY THE 28TH. The regular price will be 750L after Sunday

Thursday, August 25, 2011


  SKIN: A gorgeous Beauty by Not Button's Skins called May make up Number 3,  is on sale as the rest of the skins at the store 99L because it will be closed soon. Dont miss the closing sale at NOT BUTTON'S SKINS

  GOWN: I call it Black Pearl, Nile calles it Loreen, this fabulous gown came to life from the magical imagination of Nile Karas, the owner and the designer of FLOWER DREAMS CREATIONS. You wont believe when I tell you the price! It's only 55l, till the end of today. An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime, so dont miss it...

 HAIR: Jess Hair is by Rasberry Aristocrat 200L

 JEWELERY: Camilla Set is by Virtual Designs, 360L

Monday, August 22, 2011



 SKIN: By Not Button's Skins Antalya Peach Skinline make up number 8 is on sale which costs 99l.. It's nothing for such a beauty, isnt it?

 OUTFIT: A Brand New Release by SASCHA DESIGNS, Sascha Frangili, the Queen of Unique clothing with elegant style called ChoCho in Mandarin which is available inglamorous colors has been just out on sale for 299l

 HAIR: Tracy has always been my favourite from Calico Inngman's Hair collection which is 200l

 BOOTS:  Noir Boots By Hoc Industries, unbelievable but 125l with coor change option

 POSES: NEw New pose packs  by Audrey Guter, PURPLE POSES. I used Jayce pack for the snapshots , there are 10 fantastic poses in the pack and it is 90l.. Soooo Great Thank you Audrey.. We love you soooo much

Sunday, August 21, 2011


  Ladies Amarelo Manga has released the new collection inspired by Africa, all the pieces in the collection are fabulous and they really inspire me to write this post... It's my Africa and maybe yours too

 SKIN: Antalya skin a tan beauty in sunkissed is now on sale which is 99l at NOT BUTTON'S SKINS with free gifts inside... Yaayy, dont miss the opportunity to have this goddess

 EYE MAKE UP: Lucky me,ELFIE STORE has released new make up collection called Africa, I am wearing Africa make up Bubble (100L) , see the rest of the collection at Elfie Store

  HAIR: Rykiel Hair 269L by LELUTKA

  DRESS: Africa Dress from AMARELO MANGA'S new collection Ref. No:1 is 550l, see the whole collection, it is fantastic

  JEWELRY SET: is another piece from AMARELO MANGA'S new collection called DURBA 500l, a fabulous set, already become my favourite

  POSES: Attitude is the new pose pack (250l) by Apple Spice Store and the poses can be purchased seperately for 35l

Thursday, August 18, 2011


  SKIN: Antalya make up number 13 is 99l at Not Button'S Skins

  GOWN: This amazing gown is 55l till the end of today by Flower Dreams Creations... Dont miss the chance to have it

  HAIR: Alison is by Truth Hair 250L

  TREE:  Wheeping Cherry tree pack including 4 trees is 55l by Zoe'S Garden

  FENCE: by Gliterrati, free

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


  hmmmm, so you have a date and you dont want to make it a big deal but you  still have to look fabulous... no overdrawn clothing from your closet.  What you need is small touches... Sometimes simplicity is Glamour...

  SKIN: Antalya Peach make up number 18, a breathtaking beauty by Not Buttons, now on sale for 99l and there is a free gift at the store as well

  DRESS: a lovely dress with an elegant style is unbelieavble but 10L as the platinum hunt prize by Baiastice, Sissy Pessoa

  JEWELERY: A jewelery is what you need to look elegant and glamorous.. Like the ones I am wearing.. The pieces of the Jewelery set called ROYAL RAJPUT were designed with all the details and a unique style, a combination of modern and ethnic styles by MASHOOKA DESGINS.. You can have the whole set for 2000l or you can buy the pieces seperately. The necklace is 400l, the earrings are 250l.

  HAIR: Group gift for the members of Angel Hair, (group Fee is 30l) and there are ggreat deals for the customers

  SHOES: I am a big fan of Maitreya, I really love the designs but I am never that rich to buy the stuff there... Yesterday I was sent like all the members of Maitreya, this pair of shoes as a gift. If you have subscribed to the kiosk, then you are from one of those who may be wearing them like me.. Lucky, HUH?

 POSES: fabulous poses to make you look more glamorous are by Purple Poses, single poses are sold for 10l.. Yayyyy